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Carers helping Carers

“Ageing populations will create new demands for technologies, products, and services, including new care technologies... We have an obligation to help our older citizens lead independent, fulfilled lives….”

- UK Prime Minister's Grand Challenge 2020

Our Mission

Our mission is to help older individuals and people with dementia live healthier, more independent lives. GG Care reduces the challenges and costs faced by care residents, carers and society. 

We are creating a platform to bridge smart home devices to care providers and care residents. Our modular and interoperable platform will integrate IoT devices, sensors and other voice assistant technology. Utilising devices from manufacturers including Amazon, Fitbit, Samsung, Withings Health, and Google, we will empower carers to monitor and automate care while increasing the independence and comfort of their care residents.

Our Story

We began this mission by focusing on the needs of our own loved ones. David Grey - GG Care’s Cofounder - developed the idea of GG Care from his personal experience - being the primary carer for his Grandmother, who has Alzheimer's. After searching exhaustively for tooling to help him manage his "GG Care's" daily care and coming up empty, David began planning GG Care. 


Leadership Team

GG Care Illustration_David Grey_v02.png
David Grey

CEO / Co-Founder

As a carer, David personally understands the impact of Alzheimer's. He has over a decade of experience in corporate finance and senior leadership positions at hyper-growth (4x) startups. David grew teams while implementing algorithms from scratch to scale new business models. 

GG Care Illustration_Mario Olivio Flores_v03.png
Mario Olivio Flores

CTO / Co-Founder

Mario watched dementia rob a relative of their personality. He brings this motivation and 18 years of experience in advertising, management, and tech. Before GG Care, he spent four years growing a an IoT / SaaS team. His experience includes working with big data in US political advocacy for the likes of Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee.

Let’s Connect

Whether you are a carer, researcher, or otherwise connected to care - we welcome your insight. Let's Book a Chat.

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