Virtual Alzheimer's companion

enabled by
Amazon Alexa

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Why GranGran

Our integration with Amazon Alexa devices empowers carers to stabilize the routines of their “Care Residents.” With GranGran, carers can help loved ones remember to call relatives, take a stretch with chair exercises, or even make some tea.



Our voice tasks reinforce routines such as:

Video: How it Works


Getting Started is Easy
Here are the steps


Sign Up for a GranGran account

Sign Up for GranGran

Creating an account with GranGran is very easy. Choose whether you are joining our Community of Early Adopters to receive a discounted Alexa device or join as a member.


Choose and Purchase an Alexa Device

Alexa is Amazon's voice assistant and comes in a large range of devices. Schedule a call and we can help you choose the best device for your needs. If ordered on Amazon you can get it delivered next day.


Link GranGran account w/ Amazon

Visit our page on Amazon's Alexa Skill Store (link) and click on the enable button. Then link your Alexa account to GranGran on our dashboard


Configure the reminders on the dashboard

From the GranGran dashboard, schedule and choose from a selection of reminders to help their daily living and build consistency in their routine.

GranGran: Free and Effective