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Wearables and Smarthome Monitoring

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Why us

We aim to improve their quality of life by saving them the time to live their lives by enabling them to monitor their loved ones remotely and automate some of their tasks. 


Independent and
Healthy Living

GranGran is building a smart home and health integrations platform that empowers carers to monitor and automate care while increasing the independence and comfort of their "Care Residents." We are creating a bridge between off-the-shelf smart home devices, care providers, and "Care Residents."


Gathering data from off-the-shelf smart home devices, voice assistants, and health trackers, we can enable carers to passively monitor “Care Resident’s” health and well-being. Our aggregated data can begin to tell a story and not just dump data. Our tooling enables carers to observe long-term trends in wellness and detect subtle changes in behaviour that might require intervention.



Passive health monitoring is critical for those who easily forget to take their medication. Connected wearables make it easy to monitor heart rate, blood pressure, weight, BMI and more.

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A healthy home environment contributes to mood and quality. In time we'll be able to monitor and automate comforts, such as temperature, light and noise.

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By monitoring activity such as motion and appliance usage, GranGran can learn patterns of behaviour and identify abnormalities that may require a carer's intervention.

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