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Live your life while they live theirs.

GG Care is here to help people with dementia live independently with technology and make caring easier.

Take our quick survey for a personalised list of technology to make your journey with dementia easier and safer.

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Connected & Independent

We help people with dementia maintain daily routines and stay socially connected. Social connections and regular routines have been shown to reduce cognitive decline and increase happiness.

Peace of Mind

Use GG Care to check in on your loved ones without disrupting their day or yours! You can monitor and encourage healthy behaviour and track subtle changes over the longer term.

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Your Devices

Choose the brand names you recognise and trust. Choose the devices that meet your needs. Everyone's experience with dementia is unique - we're building a modular platform that caters to those needs. See Recommended Devices.

Save Money

GG Care helps people with dementia stay independent and creates an environment to help reduce agitation - significantly reducing the cost of care.

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Voice Companion 

Let our Alexa Skill become your virtual dementia care companion. Our skill provides little nudges that simplify and reinforce daily routines, while letting you monitor those routines. It's a low-tech voice interface that helps care residents complete everyday tasks to stay entertained, socially connected and independent.


Wellness Monitoring 

We are building a smart home and health integrations platform. It is a bridge between off-the-shelf smarthome devices, care providers, and care residents.  We empower carers to monitor and automate care while increasing the independence and comfort of care residents.

Everybody Loves
GG Care!

“GranGran's technology can reduce the time expended by informal carers and lower the cost from an insurer's perspective while containing dementia's societal costs.”

Bernhard Michalowsky
Post-doctoral researcher at the German Center for Neurodegenerative Diseases (DZNE)

Get Started. It’s Free & Easy!

Our mission is to help people affected by dementia. We are committed to offering all free services that we can and developing premium features for paid subscribers in the future. Setup is easy. You only need a home internet and an Alexa device.

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