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Why us

GranGran is building a smart home and health integrations platform that empowers carers to monitor and automate care while increasing the independence and comfort of their "Care Residents." We are creating a bridge between off-the-shelf smart home devices, care providers, and "Care Residents."


We’ve started with an Alexa voice assistant integration. Our integration empowers carers to stabilize the routines of their “Care Residents.” With our Alexa integration, carers can help loved ones remember to call relatives, take a stretch with chair exercises, or even make some tea. 


Our mission is to reduce the expense of home care, enable seniors to live at home longer, ease burdens on carers, and reduce social isolation for patients. 


Your own devices


We've made our platform modular, allowing carers to choose the devices to match their need. They can choose brand names they already recognise and trust. 

Quality of life


Our Alexa integration can help people with dementia stay socially connected and stay intellectually stimulated - reducing agitation, isolation, apathy and depression.

Carer peace
of mind


GranGran offers carers peace of mind by monitoring their loved ones. We are building an alert system so careers can know when an intervention may be necessary.


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"I wish I had this service when I was remotely caring for my mother who had dementia"



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