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  • How much does GG Care cost?
    GG Care is free for anyone to use as long as you have the necessary devices, like an Amazon Alexa. We are adding additional services and features for customers willing to pay a low monthly subscription fee. See our pricing page for more details
  • What do I need to get started?
    To get started with GG Care you only need an internet connectoin and an Alexa Device. We recommend a few devices on our "Devices" page. Create a GG Care account by clicking on the sign up button in the main menu. After you create an account and log in, you can access our help guides and videos.
  • Which Alexa device should I use?
    It really depends on you as the carer and their loved one. Check out the "Devices" page by going to our website's main menu at From the main menu, click on more then on "Devices." That said, we generally recommend the Echo Show 5 as a inexpsive device that offers a good value. It is typically sold for around 40 pounds. The Echo show has a screen and a camera that helps display instructions and facilitate video calls. If you are looking for a cheaper and simpler Alexa device, the Echo Dot provides great value for the money, but has no screen.
  • How safe is my data?
    We employ software engineering best practices and have internal security by design protocols to ensure our data is well protected and private. We adhere to UK GDPR provisions and adhere to the Guide to Good Practice for Digital and Data-Driven Health Technologies when the NHS AI Lab releases it.
  • What voice tasks does GG Care offer?
    Our Alexa Skill and Voice App has the following routines for a carer to schedule the following voice tasks: (1) Call Reminder - Help keep care residents connected by reminding them to make a phone call to a specific person (2) Event Reminder - Helps residents remember to send well wishes to someone for their birthday or anniversary (3) Appt Reminder - Make sure care residents are ready for a planned activity outside of the home, such as a doctor or hair appointment (4) Chair Exercises* - Keep your care resident active with chair exercises they can follow on their Alexa screen (5) Drink - Nudges to have a drink and stay hydrated (6) Eat - Nudges for eating and staying nourished (7) Medication - Helps care residents to find and remember to take their medication (8) Shower - Help maintaining a hygiene regimen (9) Wash hands - Prevent illness by keeping hands germ free
  • Who is GG Care for?
    GranGran is made for people living with early and mild stages of dementia so they can live more independently and their carers looking for peace of mind.
  • How do I get more help?
    After you create an account and log in, you can access our help guides and videos. Of course, you can always email us at
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