Our Alexa Skill

GG Care makes using technology in dementia care easy. Our assistive technology transforms an Amazon Alexa device into a virtual dementia care companion.

We help people with dementia remain independent and socially connected through interactive engagement. GG Care guides them to complete tasks using a series of questions and prompts from Alexa - breaking routines down into simple and easily digestible steps.

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Keep Track

Unintrusively stay up to date on how your care resident is doing and feeling with a quick glance at our monitoring dashboard. Dig deeper to see wellness trends over time.

Reinforce Routines

Regular reminders help our loved ones keep a regular routine - a form of cognitive rehabilitation therapy that prevents a cognitive decline and can reduce agitation in those with dementia.

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Social Connection

Alexa is probably the easiest video calling solution you’ll find. Set up a voice task on the GG Care dashboard and help your “Care Resident” maintain social ties.

Low-tech Interface

We don’t make someone with dementia learn new tech. They can use their voice instead of buttons and menus to navigate - it’s as easy as having a conversation!

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Reduce Agitation

GG Care facilitates the Alzheimer’s Association best practices for reducing agitation. We help create a calming environment, monitor personal comfort, provide an opportunity for exercise and help simplify tasks and routines.

Voice Tasks

Voice Tasks are everyday activities GG Care helps the care resident perform to remain independent, entertained and socially connected - with the help of Amazon Alexa.

Easy Set Up

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