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Recommended Alexa Devices

GG Care can utilises any Alexa device as a virtual dementia care companion. There are many options, we recommend the following. 

Cheapest: Echo Dot

There are cases where a device with a screen won’t make sense, but we recommend devices with screens. The additional capabilities are worth the slight price increase.



Best Value: Echo Show 5”

Having a screen enables care residents to view videos, have video calls with loved ones, and provides a simple touch interface.



Upgrade: Echo Show 8”

A larger screen, sharper camera, and upgraded hardware. Get this if you’re not price sensitive.



Need more suggestions?

​There is a pretty big variety of Alexa devices available. Here are some helpful tips for researching other options. Everyone’s needs are different and these suggestions may not apply to your situation.

  • Naming Conventions: Alexa’s devices with screens are numbered according to size. For example, the Echo 5 has a 5-inch screen. The Echo 8 has an 8-inch screen. The devices often mention which “device generation” they are from - for example “fourth generation” or “2021” generation. Later devices have more capabilities, but even older devices work fine with GG Care.

  • Movement: Be very careful with  so-called “movement” devices - those that move the screen to track the observer. For some care residents, this movement can be very helpful to see content on the screen while others may find it startling.

  • Larger Screen: Some upcoming Alexa devices offer a large format, wall-mounted screen. These devices often include many UI widgets that can become confusing for less technically sophisticated users.  We would avoid  these devices or recommend a very thoughtful set up for care residents. 

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Other Supported Devices

We are building a telecare platform incorporating select Withings Health and Samsung SmartThings devices and all Fitbit fitness trackers in our early access program. 


Fitbit Versa 3


SmartThings Smart Plug


Fitbit Inspire 2


Future Items


Withings Sleep Pad

Samsung smartthings multipurpose sensor.jpg

SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor

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