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GG Care Smart Home Illustration of Assistive Technology

Wearables and Smarthome Monitoring

GG Care is creating a bridge between off-the-shelf smart home devices, wearables and care providers.

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Our passive health monitoring and connected wearables will make it easy to monitor and respond to changes in environment or wellness: Keep track of daily routines, sleep schedules and basic safety.

Easy & Customizable

Our platform will aggregate data from off-the-shelf smart home devices, voice assistants, and wellness trackers. Carers can select devices from trusted brand name manufacturers that are most suitable for their care needs and budget.

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GG Care Illustration_Identify Trends_v01.png

Identify Trends

By monitoring activity such as motion and appliance usage, GG Care will help you identify behaviour patterns and abnormalities that may require a carer's intervention. From daily activities to subtle long-term trends, we will help you optimize care for your needs.

Automate ​Comfort

​A healthy home environment contributes to quality of life and reduces agitation. In time, we'll be able to monitor and automate comforts, such as temperature and lighting. With the right integration, we can even automate basic safety - locking doors and turning off appliances.

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Early Access

If you’re interested in early access to our wellness monitoring solution, please contact us.

Start with a Voice Companion

While our wellness monitoring solution is still in development, you can start using our Alexa Skill as a virtual dementia care companion today!

Early Access
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